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Selenite bracelet
Price INR ₹ : 500/-
Black Lava stone
Price INR ₹ : 300/-
Rose Quartz
Price INR ₹ : 500/-
Price INR ₹ : 600/-
Price INR ₹ : 600/-
Tiger's Eye
Price INR ₹ : 500/-
Seven Chakra Bracelet
Price INR ₹ : 400/-
Citrine Bracelet
Price INR ₹ : 500/-
Seven Chakra Crystal Tree
Price INR ₹ : 599/-
Laps Lazuli- 108 Beads
Price INR ₹ : 1800/-
Tiger's Eye-108 Beads
Price INR ₹ : 899/-
Amythyst-108 Beads
Price INR ₹ : 1800/-
Carnelian Bracelet
Price INR ₹ : 650/-
Clear Quartz+Rudraksh Bracelet
Price INR ₹ : 499/-

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I got to know sumatti by chance but grateful for that. Took her services for reiki healing for my husband. He had a few health related issues which were troubling him. Along with conventional medicine and her reiki healing, chakras cleansing he is improved amazingly and so are his reports. Strongly recommend sumatti for her services, she being an amazing person is a added🙏

Deepa Sohoni

It was really an amazing experience .I never thoughtcards can connect with my life like this . Sumati was excellent translator of sharing message of cards It is divine experience as I got connected to my own identity. Definitely recommended her for the tarot reading and Reiki both❤️❤️❤️

Chetna Bhatt

Had an incredible tarot session with Sumati!

Her patience and insightful guidance helped me navigate through my challenges. Highly recommend her for a transformative experience. Grateful for her expertise!

Harshita Singh
Thank you for filling a niche at an affordable price. Your book was justa looking for. Thanks again
Angela Moss

I have had quite a few healing sessions and tarot

readings from Sumatti. I was quite a sceptical at

first when it came to tarot readings but after the

first one I must say that it's hard to stay away and

let the mystery of life unfold. She was spot on in

allthe reading she did for me.

The Reiki sessions helped me get back on track

and on the right path in life and helped me go

through (a minor) surgery without anything to

worry -I was so calm and relaxed that at one

point the doctor asked if l'm alright because my

heart rate was 55-57BPM C9. They also helped

with my emotional/mental health when I was

going through hard times.

I definitely recommend anything she has to offer

She is a blessing in the body of a woman!

Razvan Buzetoiu